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Writer's Block: Have a drink on me

Posted on 2011.03.18 at 20:19
If you were going to make a signature drink that was named after you, what would you put in it?

A drink named after me, sadly, already exists and I was not the one who made it.
If I could have been the one to make it, it would have included far classier ingredients:
Pomergrante, strawberries, the tears of orphan children, sugar, and jellybeans.

Battle Plans

Posted on 2011.03.18 at 20:14
Current Mood: contentcontent
Soooo... I suppose I should post something on my livejournal. I suppose I shall post... reviews? I can't think of anything else I'd post... so... I guess reviews it is. Some will be coming soon, or not, depending on where this bird has to migrate next.

Ideas for Fundraiser

Posted on 2011.03.16 at 17:54

I'm starting a fundraiser at my school to help Japan, but don't have many ideas. "Bake sale" seems a little stale. Any ideas?

Little Lark, Lost in the Dark

Posted on 2011.03.15 at 20:49

Nnnnnh. I'm new to livejournal, really, I joined on a sudden impulse because I decided I wanted to join another livejournal community. Being as such, I know very little about this whole thing. Anyone who wants to talk to me is free to.